Understanding Goat Scores

How to understand milk scores, linear appraisal scores and championships.

Here’s an example from Diamond‘s grand-dam:  GCH Chenango Hill’s IP Goddess 10*D 2*M

Her GCH means she won Grand Champion for ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association).  If this were an AGS (American Goat Society) championship, it would be CH – or MCH if there were multiple wins. The 10*D is a milk score from AGS and means that Goddess and 9 dams before her all qualified for milk performance awards.  2*M means that she and her dam both qualified for milk performance awards with ADGA.  This doe has won top placements nationally more than once.  She is among the best of the best for high milk!

And now let’s use ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L ++B ++*S

Tiger is found in the first 4 generations of two of our pedigrees: Roxanne and Capricornus.  As you can see from the ARMCH, he is a multi-champion.  We know it is a buck because the buck scores use B (if it is from ADGA) or S (if it is from AGS)  Each + indicates he has a certain amount of daughters who have earned stars.  Each * indicates the number of dams before him who earned stars.  Tiger is not only a champion in the show ring, but obviously from a line of milkers and passes this trait on!

And finally, let’s talk about SG Pholia Farm MI Carolina 3*M EEEE90

This doe is the grandam of Lil Boy Blue, who is bred to Ladybug.  The SG is for superior genetics.  This award is only given to the top 15% of the breed and is a very high honor.  We have already discussed the 3*M.  The EEEE90 is from a linear appraisal.  The E’s are for excellent, which is the top score available.  E’s can range from 90 to 100, but I have yet to see a 100 or even close to it.  On Blue’s dam’s side it is 1 shy of 100% SG back to the 4th generation.