The Healing Place

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Welcome to the Healing Place.  Our focus is on spiritual, emotional and physical healing.  We believe they are inter-related, beginning with spiritual healing and working outward from there.  While it is possible to have some physical healing without focusing on the spiritual and/or emotional first,  it will be much deeper and more complete when accompanied by the healing of the innermost being.

FOUR Your Healing

Below are the four areas of healing we focus on at The Healing Place.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing can only come from ONE – the One who created you.  When it takes place, it is from the very depth of your being and there is nothing like it.  Nothing.  It begins with a spiritual cleansing, just like your physical healing.  Without a cleanse, any healing will only be temporary.

Frequency Healing

Did you know that every single thing in our world has a frequency?  Your voice, your clothing, your words, your choice of music…  they all affect you physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Electronic and wireless devices emit harmful frequencies that we need to combat every day.

Essential Oils

These days many are becoming aware of the healing power of essential oils, but did you also know that they are naturally filled with healing frequencies?  Combine these two things and you have a fantastic powerhouse from the Creator Himself!


Whether or not fermented foods contain frequencies for healing is something we have yet to determine, but we do know that they do amazing things for the health of the gut and digestive system.