EMF Protection

How These Products Work

Today’s discoveries reveal that blocking man-made EMFs causes wireless devices to work harder; thus emitting increased wireless and electrical radiation (EMRs), causing more harm to the Human Biofield.

The proprietary formula we carry: 

  • includes the natural earth’s grounding frequency, which is about 7.8 hertz
  • constant state of grounding for your entire being
  • using over 230+ resonating frequencies embedded and encoded into each product
  • advanced electronic encoding system of very specific sound and light waves and nano-crystalline technology
  • helps bring the human body into a more balanced state of homeostasis on a cellular level
  • positively impacts and harmonizes not only the Human Biofield, but also any damaging and chaotic fields of energy to which you are exposed
  • permanently vibrates with this field of information
  • harmonizes and reformats all harmful, chaotic wireless and electrical offenders (EMFs) into harmonious and balanced fields of energy that become beneficial to you and your pets
  • works in conjunction with your body’s natural Biofield
  • enhances and increases your sense of well being, cellular balance and energy, vitality and relief from stress and anxiety.
  • aides in restoring and rebuilding your cells
  • eliminates the affects of electrical and wireless radiation in your body.
  • each series of frequencies contained in the atomic structure of our products represent perfectly balanced glands and organs, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, a full spectrum of colors and sounds, and much more
  • revitalizes your body and increases stamina and mental clarity


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Personal Protection: These body shields (for both children and adults) and body bands work in conjunction with your body’s natural Biofield to enhance & increase your sense of well-being, balance, energy, vitality & relief from stress & anxiety. This includes any stress from man made electromagnetic fields. Our body shields are embedded & encoded with over 230+ resonant frequencies using Nano Crystalline Technology.


Elegant Protection

These beautiful pendants and earrings operate in the same manner as the body shields and body bands.  For a more elegant protective wear, order one of these beauties.




8968092_origPet Protection

With all of today’s Wireless and Electrical Technologies, we humans are not the only ones at risk! Our pets and other animals are being constantly exposed to the damaging radiation effects of EMFs, too. These Pet Collars are made using a durable, waterproof nylon and each collar has one of the shields sewn into it. Choose from three colors and sizes. Pets need protection, too. If you love them, shield them!



1447450942 These Slim and Sleek Laptop/Technology Shields created from a non toxic plant based resin, using Nano Crystalline Technology, embedded and encoded with over 230+ resonant frequencies, transform hazardous micro/radio fields into a powerful balancing field of energy around you! Attach these Shields to your Laptops, Routers, Microwaves, iPads and other wireless and electrical devices & appliances. These Shields are applied to your wireless devices by using a two-sided tape for easy & secure attachment.



This is a Shield that is applied to any electric/water or gas box that contains a Smart Meter. This is made from a non-toxic plant based resin using nano crystalline technology and is embedded & encoded with over 230+ resonant frequencies that harmonize the hazardous Radio Frequencies which are pulsating from the Smart Meter.



Cell Phone Shields™ have been encoded and embedded with a broad field of over 230+ resonating frequencies that are Harmonious & Beneficial to the body. They are made using a non toxic plant based resin and nano crystalline technology, which is infused with information (like a computer chip) using our proprietary Bio Resonance Technology. By transforming chaotic frequencies from electrical and wireless fields into beneficial frequencies, you are able to enjoy the convenience of wireless technology without bringing harm & chaos to yourself or to those around you. …can also be attached to your, iPod, hair dryer, and other small appliances that are emitting these dangerous fields of energy. Once attached, these shields do not effect the operation of the phone, blow dryer, or small appliances. By reformatting the micro/radio waves the shields energetically balance the body when carried next to it or used close to the brain!

3395605_orig House Shields

These house shields soften and reformat the electrical emissions in your home or office by utilizing 230+ embedded & encoded Harmonic Resonant frequencies. No longer be negatively affected by your household appliances and chaotic electrical energy. The shield thoroughly transforms the harmful electrical currents of your home or office into a natural and beneficial subtle field of energy. This energy field includes our proprietary formula of resonating frequencies that are vital to your health and well being, keeping you balanced and grounded. Simply plug the house shield into any outlet and it will transform your entire home or office into a more balanced and beneficial space. One shield covers up to a 2000 sq ft. area per level.